Ridge House Museum Does Art in the Park


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MEDIA RELEASE June 23, 2015

The Ridge House Museum does Art in the Park!

The Ridge House Museum is once again participating in the Festival of Porches and Verandahs hosted by the Ridgetown Rejuvenation Association. The Museum will be presenting a new exhibition as part of Art in the Park, Sunday, July 26th.

The new exhibition, titled “Picnic at Osborne House” focuses on the classic Victorian picnic. The exhibit explores Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s summer home known as Osborne House, and how many people were inspired by the picnics they saw from the royal family. Come out and learn about the history of the picnic as well as the accompanying etiquette and entertainment. The Ridge House Museum staff will also be there to teach the rules of croquet!

The Ridge House Museum has also partnered with the local bereavement group from Ridgetown “…a time to mourn…” who will be running a lemonade stand alongside the exhibit. All revenue will support the important services this group delivers to the community.

The Ridge House Museum’s booth for Art in the Park will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Watson Grove Park in Ridgetown.

To learn about all the activities in Ridgetown as part of the Porches and Verandahs Festival, visit the Ridgetown Rejuvenation Association website, www.ridgetownrejuvenation.ca

For more information about this or other programs offered by the Ridge House Museum, call 519 360 1998, email [email protected], or visit the museum website www.chatham-kent.ca/ridgehousemuseum

Hope to see you there!

Lydia Burggraaf
Curator, Ridge House Museum
Ph. 519.674.2223
[email protected]